Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Women are not service-providers or epitomes of sacrifice

Yes, this is going to be a long post. Yes, it is going to be the antithesis of everything you have grown up to believe all your life...and still do.

With advent of FB, there are quite a few random (I really don't have a proper name for these sites...they are all like all forwards all combined in one place...the zone-out spot where you just keep watching random things one after the other without really gaining anything out of it). This site is one of those sites (no offence to the guys who've put this together...I know it's your bread and butter et al...but well...what are these sites for?)

This site had a very 'beautiful video' that had this title: "This beautiful 3 minute tribute to women will make you skip a hearbeat"
Here's what it shows:-
1. little boy learning to walk - female teaches
2. little boy crossing the road - little girl takes him through
3. little boy gobbles up his chocolate bar - little girl from 2 gives him half her chocolate bar though she clearly wants it all for herself
4. little boy about to be beat up - old female saves him
...wait, there's more...
5. teenage boy gives his book to girl - girl reluctantly takes it with her while teenage boy rushes off
6. guy in 20s sees a girl he likes - girl can't stand anyone smoking, guy quits
7. team of guys and one girl get together - one guy is quiet - girl asks him why

...by this time I was really irritated.What exactly did this person have in mind when making it? How the hell is this a 'tribute' to women? I actually went back and checked the meaning of tribute when I saw the video. Is that what a female is? A care-giver? And that is it?! Nope, her brains don't matter, her work...oh wait, she has no work except for that of a care-giver...it doesn't matter what age...if it's a little girl, you give your chocolate bar, if you're older, you give yourself - all your time and energy.

It's like when we think cows, we think milk and when we see females, we think babies!! Or worse, servants!! What's a woman's purpose in life? Cook, clean, feed, have babies and start over, till you reach menopause, in which case cook, clean and feed only.

And I thought we were in the 21st century! This is what is fundamentally wrong with our society. And there are actual bastards who still go about propagating this junk! Especially to little girls. What will such girls grow up to be? Goats?!

I'm not saying it's easy for guys...no it's not. All that junk about males are supposed to fend for all, they are supposed to  be 'strong', never cry, always be superior to their 'better halves', always prove to the world they are macho...junk yes. But in the whole scheme of things, at least they are supposed to be somebody, have a career, be known for their heads!

With girls, only two things matter, looks and services. Having a brain is actually a problem and a career, an even bigger one!

What do we do to fix this? Education isn't a problem. Heck, I know super-educated people, both girls and boys who talk about a woman's rightful place being her home and how work is good for a hobby. Why is this stupid cliche so difficult to break?

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